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A museum specialising in the Fluxus movement is unique within Potsdam's and Berlin's - museum scene. Nowhere else in the region can one see such an extensive collection of artworks, correspondence, objects, relics and films connected with this art movement. This collection is supplemented by an extensive display of artworks by Wolf Vostell, who was also a member of the Fluxus movement.

Wolf Vostell's artworks, on display on the museum's first floor, are a highlight of the private collection. They are organised in thematic sections, and provide a comprehensive overview of phases, themes and techniques in Vostell's work, starting with his early pieces, which are almost forgotten today.

The "plus" in the name of the museum FLUXUS+ represents the opening it offers to contemporary artists like Arman, Christo, Hains, Lebel, Niki de Saint-Phalle and Ann Noël.

Current Exhibition

museumFLUXUS+studis 2018

Das museum FLUXUS+ lädt am 24. Mai 2018 im Rahmen des Studierendenwettbewerbes museumFLUXUS+studis herzlich zur Vernissage der diesjährigen Gemeinschaftsausstellung von zehn Studierenden verschiedener Hochschulen aus Potsdam und Berlin ein. Vertreten sind Studierende aus der Filmhochschule Babelsberg in Potsdam, der Universität Potsdam, der Universität der Künste in Berlin und aus der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.

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