Permanent Exhibition

The FLUXUS+ museum offers temporary exhibitions of work by various artists as well as its own permanent exhibition.

Fluxus as well as modern art set the tone for the programme. Famous national and international artists such as Emmett Williams, Gisela Schlicht, Ann Noël, Ben Patterson, Wolfgang Hainke, Eric Anderson and Lutz Friedel exhibited their works here. Some of the art works were available for purchase.

Temporary Exhibition

DADAUNDFLUXUS  - Dokumente zweier Bewegungen
Spezial exhibition at museum FLUXUS+
April 6th - September 30th 2017
Wed - Sun 1:00 - 6:00 pm
event DADA POTSDAM on April 21st, 2017           

Dada and Fluxus were rebellious movements that didn’t aspire to be preserved in museums. However, the impact of both movements on the development of 20th century art is now accepted without doubt by art history. The museum FLUXUS+ in Potsdam is now hosting the special exhibition DADAUNDFLUXUS, starting on April 6th, 2017 and will present „documents of two movements”.

Artists of Dada as well as Fluxus based much of their lives and works around political provocation, abandonment of tradtition and protesting against social norms and values.

The exhibition will focus on selected aspects and parallels of both movements and will shine a new light on the Fluxus exhibits due to the extended presentation of historical and cultural backgrounds. Several permanent exhibits will be put forward, eg. the “Homage from Wolf Vostell to Otto Dix”, a print graphic created in 1993 as a part of Vostell’s restrospective "Leben = Kunst = Leben" [“live = art = live”] that took place in Gera, which happens to be Dix’ place of birth.

On the occasion of the special exhibition DADAUNDFLUXUS - Dokumente zweier Bewegungen the museum FLUXUS+ will host the event DADA POTSDAM on Friday, April 21st, 2017 with speeches and music.

Past Exhibitions

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