Collection museum FLUXUS+

The museum FLUXUS+ in Potsdam opened in April 2008. Nowhere else in the region such an extensive collection of artworks, correspondence, objects, relics and films connected with the Fluxus art movement can be found.

Along with its permanent collection the museum also shows the work of changing artits in temporary exhibitions. The programme is based around Fluxus and modern art. So far, famous national and international artists such as Emmett Williams, Gisela Schlicht, Ann Noël, Ben Patterson, Wolfgang Hainke, Eric Anderson and Lutz Friedel have exhibited here.

The collection is supplemented by an extensive display of artworks by Wolf Vostell, who was also a member of the Fluxus movement and topped off with works of four contemporary artists. Not members of the Fluxus movement, they extend the exhibition’s spectrum into the present day.

Many of the works on display come from a Berlin based private collection. This collection is the fundament of the museum and the reason for its establishment.



Fluxus is an international art movement that formed in the 1960s in New York and Tokyo as well as in the European cities of Wiesbaden, Wuppertal, Copenhagen, Paris, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, The Hague, London and Nice.

Wolf Vostell

The focal point of the collection is a wide display of artworks by Wolf Vostell, a pioneer of the Fluxus movement. Vostell's artworks, on the first floor of the museum, form the core of the private collection. They are organised in thematic sections and provide a comprehensive overview of the phases, themes and techniques in Vostell's œuvre, starting with his early pieces of which many are not well known.


Contemporary Art

The works of four contemporary artists complete the display of the private collection. Not members of the Fluxus movement, they extend the museum's spectrum into the present day.

Art in Public Space

Artworks of Fluxus and contemporary artists can also be found on the facades of the museum as well as the in the yard "Schirrhof" and on the side of the museum facing the riverbank.

"Little Men" by Emmett Williams - Left and right of the museum's conservatory the silhouettes of four colorful figures can be found on the walls.

"Ten Commandments" by Costantino Ciervo - This installtion can be found on the wall left of the museum's entrance facing the "Schirrhof" yard.

"fluxus-garden" by Mary Bauermeister - The art project "fluxus-garden" is situated on the "Schirrhof" yard.

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