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The art project fluxus-garden

fluxus-garten im Juni 2015

As a place of meeting and mediation for art and artists, the museum FLUXUS+ in Potsdam presents works by Mary Bauermeister in its permanent exhibition. In 2014 a special exhibition focused on a particular aspect of the artist’s diverse and multi-faceted work: drafts and sketches from the 1970s and 80s for business and private gardens and outdoor facilities of public institutions. In addition to these drafts, Mary Bauermeister mapped out a vision for the “Schirrhof” at Schiffbauergasse.

In 2015, together with the
Hans and Charlotte Krull Foundation,
the museum FLUXUS+ realised a partial implementation of this
vision with mobile objects.

A vibrant oasis of cultural diversity

The „art project fluxus-garden“ is a small step approaching the idea of turning the “Schirrhof”, formerly used for military purposes, into a recreational space. Mary Bauermeister's vision is to create a „vibrant oasis of cultural diversity“.

Along with the creation of a space in front of the museum which can be used to learn and paint outdoors, the greening brings life to the area. The project draws on the idea of “urban gardening”, which can now be observed across metropolitan areas.

Following Mary Bauermeister’s artistic worldview, it is necessary to give children, the next generation, the opportunity to watch plants grow and directly learn form nature. They should learn to plant, water, care for and reap to understand relationships which are important for their own development.

The fluxus-garden can be both enhanced with creative and decorative ideas and used as a model for observation and sketches of a small glimpse of nature. A project trailer within the garden functions as a starting point. Its exterior surface serves as a temporary mobile exhibition space.

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